2020 was a weird year to say the least. Like many people around the world, myself (Jordan) and my best mate (Jimmy) were both furloughed and amidst the unprecedented madness of what was happening around us, we both felt a bit lost and directionless. It was this feeling that inspired us to create ‘Keeping Metres’ – A photography and film exhibition about London in lockdown.

As the weeks moved forward and my general motivation moved backwards, I was desperate to find a creative outlet to provide me with the focus and fulfilment usually offered by the 9-5. Jimmy was using his permitted daily exercise allowance to cycle around London capturing some incredible photos – both stunning and haunting in equal measure. Meanwhile, I was doing a lot of zooming and a lot of drinking.

Across our 20-year friendship, Jimmy was always the ‘creative’ whilst I was the ‘manager’ – starting back in our early teens as Jimmy was a musician whilst I assumed the role of ‘band manager’. It was this dynamic that led us into the conversation of creating a film about his photography – and it was here that ‘Keeping Metres’ was born.

The original idea for ‘Keeping Metres’ was to create a short documentary showcasing Jimmy’s photography during lockdown. However, as we discussed the project with our friends it transpired we weren’t the only people going out of our fucking minds searching for a creative outlet – That is how we assembled our crew and ’The Furlough Collective’ was established.

Jimmy had barely picked up a camera before March and I had never directed or produced anything before, so to say we were learning as we went would be an understatement and a half. With zero budget (aside from some pocket change from my furlough payments to cover sandwiches on our two shoot days) we somehow managed to pull together a crew of devoted, hard-working and brilliant individuals who volunteered their time and talents to help make ‘Keeping Metres’ happen.

Thank you to our incredible crew and on behalf of Jimmy and myself, we hope you enjoy the film, the photos and support the project.







My name is Jimmy. I pour pints at a pub in West London and when I’m not I’m whizzing around London, snapping & throwing digitalised shit at the wall until it sticks.

I only picked up a camera and went out to the streets at the end of March 2020 so I still don’t really consider myself a photographer. 

I like photography. I feel like I’m in control. I’ve never had that feeling in any other creative outlet. I like the whole process from stepping out my front door to posting online. I don’t have much to say, I’m a bit shell shocked from this year. If you share some resonance with these images then I hope I’m doing something right. 


Director and Producer

I hope you enjoy watching the film as much as I enjoyed making it.



Charlie is a cinematographer, editor and photographer from the UK. Typically spending his winters drowning in Japans finest powder snow or summers out camping somewhere. The pandemic bought him back home and offered the incredible opportunity to reconnect with some old friend’s and dive into a new creative project.


Music and Sound Design

Tim is a UK based producer who blends soulful electronica with upbeat R&B.



Manchester’s finest Otis Fulton is an animator who specialises in character animation. One of the hardest working and most talented people, Otis headed up Keeping Metres animated scenes.



I’m Ben, a Motion Designer with a good sense of movement, an eye for design and a flexibility to move between styles. Proficient in 2D Animation & Motion Graphics with 3D integration, Character Animation as well as VFX/Compositing.


Production Manager

I’m Liam, I work in the Film and TV industry in both Production and as an Assistant Director. To date, every project I have worked on has been either dramatic or comedic, but always fictional. That said, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity on documenting Jimmy’s talent.



Olly is a Cinematographer / Colourist from Sussex, UK who predominantly works in short form, crossing a multiple of industries including: music, food, fashion and sport. As the pandemic loomed Olly found creative outlet in Keeping Metres where he focussed on bringing a gritty edge to the grade of the fantastic Cinematography work by Charlie Wood.


Graphic Design

Richard Goddard is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator from Essex, UK who works predominately in social media & advertising. His broad range of design skills include motion graphics, branding, editorial illustration & sequential illustration.


Web Design

My names Jack. I don’t really make websites but Jordan kept harassing me to do this so I did.